Weight Management During Menopause-Probiotic Supplements for Menopause

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Weight can fluctuate throughout a woman’s life and may gradually increase as a woman moves into her menopausal transition. The decrease of the female hormones can bring about many symptoms of menopause, including weight gain, which can lead to lower self-esteem and body image. It is an area of most women’s lives that directly results from not just one factor but also various changes. Whether weight gain was caused by diet or stress, weight management can be challenging to deal with, especially during menopause.

“Weight gain in menopause is not just the result of your shifting hormones. Instead, it is a combination of that factor with your diet and style of life in general. Your genetics, aging, and habits you created all impact your weight gain as you get older. Muscle mass lowers, metabolism slows down, and the number of fat increases. So, if you keep the same diet and exercise habits as you had before, you are not very likely to lose that stubborn fat.”

Managing weight entails implementing changes in various areas of a woman’s life, including changing or eliminating unhealthy habits, along with exercising the right way, changes in diet, and even using probiotics to help achieve natural weight loss in menopause. Women have long known about general tips and tricks to lose weight. However, losing weight during menopause can look a bit different as women try to lose not only weight but also find relief from problematic menopause symptoms.

How can you effectively manage your weight during menopause?

So, Welcome to MenoLabs.com – Complete Probiotic Supplements for Menopause

At MenoLabs, our focus is on helping women live a better life through education, community, and products that provide relief from the symptoms of menopause. MenoLabs produces specially formulated natural probiotic supplements for women in perimenopause and menopause. We work with other national labs to create custom supplements to support heart, bone, organ health, and healthy aging.

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All products are produced in FDA approved US-based laboratories and triple-tested by 3 different labs for potency.
No prescription needed.
No estrogen, soy, gluten or dairy in the supplements.
All supplements are vegetarian and cruelty-free.
This company is founded by, owned by, and operated by women.
The owners take their own supplements. Please note each of the listing pages has extensive links to research studies for most ingredients.
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